No matter the day, week, month, year, or century, humankind is always moving forward. Where rudimentary spearheads were once the apex of human ingenuity, we now live in a world where we can send robots to other planets, explore virtual worlds, and relax in self-driving vehicles. The future is here, and with every step we take into it, even more possibilities open up.

At Envision Payments, we believe in harnessing the power of technology for the betterment of the human race, and that’s why we’re constantly working to push new advances in merchant systems, credit card processing for small businesses, and other online payment systems. Businesses and individuals are always spending money, and the more we can streamline this process, the easier life becomes.

One of the most exciting tech prospects on the horizon is smart assistants. Products such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa have added many layers of convenience into people’s everyday lives, and at Envision, we’re thinking of ways to integrate online payment systems into these devices. Keep reading to find out why this can be a major boon to homeowners all across the country.

What Are Smart Assistants?

Of course, you may not even fully understand what a smart assistant is. While they’re fairly ubiquitous on store shelves now, and frequently advertised online and on TV, there are countless people that don’t have a full understanding of their potential, having never used one themselves.

In a nutshell, smart assistants are little devices you can plug in at home that are designed to make your life easier. They have a microphone and a speaker, allowing you to talk to them from anywhere in your home. The leading competitors in this space are Google and Alexa, but fundamentally, both systems function very similarly.

A Helper at Home

Smart assistants have all kinds of useful features built into them. Google Home, for example, can answer any question of yours on the fly.

“Hey Google,” you might ask, “why do cats purr?” You can ask this from anywhere in your home, and it will instantaneously do a web search and recite a useful blurb of an answer to you. But that’s the least of what they can do. Smart assistants can set alarms, create timers, tell you jokes, play ambient sounds and music, and more.

The potential of smart assistants increases tenfold when you consider the myriad of items that can connect with them. Most smart devices now are engineered to be compatible with these devices, allowing you to create a truly “smart home” where your technology obeys your every whim. Special lightbulbs can turn on and off at your command, or even dim and change colors! TVs can turn on, off, and change their volume without a remote. There are so many possibilities!

Voice Activated Online Bill Payments

With all that being said, let’s go back to our mission at Envision Payments. Our goal is to create a system that can seamlessly work with your smart assistants, allowing you to pay your bills with a simple command. Here are some reasons why this could be a boon to homeowners and society as a whole:

It’s More Secure Than You Think

Did you know that voice assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa have sophisticated voice detection technology? This means that if it’s storing your payment information, only you and you alone have access. The voice detection is much more impressive than you’d probably think — the devices are very good at detecting subtle tones and intonations that make one’s voice completely unique, and if you think it’s easy for people to just mimic you, you’d be wrong.

While online payment systems are here to stay, voice-activated payments can provide good peace-of-mind for people who are nervous about security.

It Is Easier Than Any Other Option

Make no mistake — if we can make voice-activated online bill payment systems a reality, it will be, by far, the easiest way to pay your utility companies. That process has always been a pain for a lot of people — companies can often be picky in the ways that they accept your payment. Some require complicated logins with passwords that are easy to forget, and some of them are picky about whether you use a credit card, check, or bank account.

With a hypothetical online payment system that functions via voice, there would be some setup involved where less-than-tech-savvy people might need a helping hand, but after you’ve established your payment options and set everything up, paying your bills could be a breeze!

Instead of having to log onto five different websites to check your utility costs and pay them one by one, imagine a reality where your bills are all stored in a cloud system that’s authenticated by your voice. Imagine saying, “Hey Google, pay my electric bill!” and having it be done and over with no more than a second later.

This is what we’re aiming for at Envision Payments — an initiative to make these online payment systems work in smart assistants, and a push to enroll more and more utility companies into these systems, so that payment can be a cohesive, consistent, easy experience for homeowners.

It’s a Major Innovation in Online Payments

It’s understandable to be skeptical about your payment information being stored in the cloud. People fear that malicious entities could ostensibly break into these systems and exploit folks who have saved important payment information within them. So, when we talk about innovation in online payment systems being a good thing, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t share our enthusiasm.

But the important thing to remember is that the looming threat of malicious attacks is exactly why companies like Envision Payments exist. Our biggest priority is creating a safe, secure, and highly impenetrable system that protects the valuable data of the people who use it. We take every step to make sure that payments are encrypted with security, allowing no one, not even us, to be able to access information that would allow someone to “hijack” your credit card or bank account.

The most important way to ensure that these systems stay as safe and secure as possible is to continue to push innovation. Like it or not, online payment systems are here to stay, and they’re only going to become more commonplace as they get integrated into countless cloud-based services. By getting them on the table and getting the public consciousness to notice these systems, it will help to create an environment where the parties responsible are held accountable for their actions.

Envision Payments – Innovating Online Payment Systems

While we’re tremendously excited about the future of smart assistants and utility payments, we already have a wide variety of electronic payment solutions that benefit both customers and businesses. If you’re in need of a credit card processing system, a utility bill payment gateway, account verification tools, and more, we invite you to check out our solutions!

At Envision Payments, we’re excited to step into the future. If you run a business, either small or large, we know our services could be a major help to your everyday operations. If you have any questions about our payment solutions, we urge you to contact us today!